And so it begins!

I guess the real “beginning” of our lives together was our wedding day, but until I can get more photos to post for your enjoyment, let’s take a gander at the honeymoon! We decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and use the time that Jordan had off after the big day to drive me, Starla (my car), and most of my earthly posessions across the country, while making some fun stops along the way. First up, Yellowstone!

Since it was still early in the season, we didn’t get to see a large variety of animals. There were about 3 billion bison, a few elk, and a mama bear with her cubs way off in the distance at one point. We went around to the different landmarks and had an overall grand ol’ time.

On our way!

The geysers and landscape were actually really beautiful in their own unique way. Nature is amazing!

Jord’s photographic artistry in use

We shivered in the cold for a good twenty minutes anticipating this guy’s eruption. It was both old and faithful, and the wait was worth it.
We are so thankful that we were able to share this little adventure together, and I promise that we will post some more exciting pictures later when we get a chance.
As for now, I am off to go take my North Carolina driver’s license test… To be continued!

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